About Us


Our Vision

HNM Global Logistics strives to be a big company that never loses its small business service values. We will establish ourselves as a premier freight forwarding company by remaining customer-focused and delivering valuable solutions.

Our Mission

To deliver superior, worldwide transportation and logistics services that provide value for our clients with a focus on customer satisfaction, employee development and operational excellence. Our corporate philosophy is to develop a culture dedicated to a commitment of success, improvement, integrity and social responsibility.

Service, integrity, dedication, technology and continuous process improvement. We focus our energy on these areas daily – delivering the very best value to our customers.

About HNM

HNM Enterprises dba HNM Global Logistics is a full service freight forwarder. We are minority-owned and operated. While there are a host of minority-owned logistics companies, very few have capabilities in all modes of transportation. We offer a holistic approach to supply chain management. Our logistics services cover all modes of domestic and international cargo transport, customs house brokerage, warehousing and distribution. Our size is our competitive advantage. We are accessible and can offer specialized services. From startups to large corporations, our tailored solutions can be scaled to meet company needs. Our winning team is composed of the best logistics professionals in the industry. HNM Global Logistics is led by CEO Tony McGee, and an all-star team. We leverage our industry knowledge and global network to deliver world-class customer service and value producing solutions. Our team has a solid reputation of providing consistently high levels of service. Customer focused service is our philosophy and the foundation of our growth. We care about your freight and work with you to determine the most cost-effective and efficient routing of cargo.

Our History

The company was formed by a group of talented logistics professionals who wanted to start their own business. With over 150 years of combined industry experience, the only missing link was an investor who could give financial support and corporate advice. They approached Tony McGee about venturing in a freight forwarding company and he was excited at the prospect and welcomed the undertaking. He worked closely with them through warehouse projects and had first-hand knowledge of their work ethics and capabilities. He believed in their vision and shared their entrepreneurial spirit, passion and enthusiasm. In the first year of operation the team of 9 worked tirelessly to get the business off the ground. Since then we have seen year-over-year explosive growth. Our team and revenues have grown exponentially. We continue to deliver world-class customer service, strategic solutions, time-saving tactics, timely service and competitive rates.