White Glove

white-glove-1000x630HNM Global Logistics white glove services are customizable for any industry and are designed to get your time-sensitive freight shipped, placed and assembled. We are dedicated to satisfaction throughout the supply chain and have a network of trusted partners with whom we execute white glove deliveries while still maintaining control over the process.

Our team of experts realized that most companies offering white glove service will hand off to a “final mile” delivery company resulting in a lack of control over the quality as well as loss of visibility. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and offer a more controlled white glove service solution. Overall customer satisfaction requires a disciplined approach and HNM’s “hands on” approach to white glove service has resulted in a higher level of satisfaction for our clients. Our approach ensures satisfaction to the end client and has decreased the amount of time shippers spend resolving issues.

We have a proven track record with the following:

  • Retail Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Retail Fixtures
  • Computer Equipment
  • Kiosks

Our “Hands On” White Glove Delivery Services include:

  • Bills of Lading/Shipping Labels are created by HNM and provided to the shipper
  • Pick-ups are scheduled by HNM based on shipper’s needs and hours of operation
  • HNM’s destination delivery agent is notified of the pending arrival and final delivery requirements
  • An appointment is scheduled by HNM with the final consignee for white glove service
  • HNM tracks the shipment to arrival at the delivery agent’s facility and verifies receipt by the agent
  • HNM advises the agent of delivery date & time and specific requirements of the delivery
  • A satisfaction checklist is provided to the end customer to verify that all aspects of the delivery were handled properly, creating accountability for both HNM and our partners
  • A follow-up phone call is made to the store by HNM to ensure everything is to their satisfaction
  • An e-mail is sent to the shipper to confirm the delivery has been completed and to relay the customer’s overall experience

Case Study:

Download HNM’s White Glove Case Study to learn how our work resulted in client satisfaction.

White Glove Case Study

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