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Great advice on Trade Compliance and choosing an ITAR Freight Forwarder

ITARYou know you’re an expert in your field when an article you write is published not once but three times on trade compliance blogs. On June 24, 2014 we posted an article by our Director of Compliance, Deborah Dorsett. In it she gives great advice on trade compliance and choosing an ITAR freight forwader. The advice is so great she was published in Export Compliance, Global Trade Compliance  and Trade Compliance. This article is a must read if you ship ITAR controlled goods and use or are considering a freight forwarder. To read Deborah’s original post on our blog, please click here.

Congratulations Deborah – we are proud of your continued success in trade compliance.  Thank you for sharing your expertise with the world.

If you ship ITAR controlled goods, don’t go it alone.  We have years of experience shipping goods subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Please click here to contact our ITAR specialists.



How to Choose the Right ITAR Freight Forwarder

ITARWhen I was a kid, my father used to provide me with a wealth of important “life lessons,” doled out in simple one-liners that I could carry with me as I grew older. One of my favorites was “If you’re going to run with the pack, make sure you’re the leader.” Another that has served me well throughout life was “Always use the right tool for the job.” The same can be said when it comes to choosing the correct freight forwarder to manage the transport of your ITAR controlled goods. It’s important that you use the right forwarder for the job. As the manufacturer or source of USML goods, you have undoubtedly spent countless hours developing your corporate compliance program; ensuring that every aspect of your operation – from upper management, to sales, to shipping and receiving – is aware of the regulations and well-trained.

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