Dear HNM Import Clients,

Ref: U.S Customs Security Protocol


As a C-TPAT certified freight forwarder and customs house broker we are required to inform our import clients of their responsibility to report compromised seals, suspicious activity, or anomalies detected when receiving your containerized shipments. Should you receive a container where the seal has been broken or the number does not match the number marked on the bill of lading please report this to HNM as soon as possible. HNM will then report the finding to U.S. Customs as required.

U.S. Customs also request that U.S. importers require their foreign suppliers to use PAS ISO 17712 standard security seals for their full container load shipments into the USA.

Any questions regarding these security requirements can be directed to HNM’s import department or to your sales representative.


Thanks for your continued support!