football_world_800_clr_6597I’m sure you’re wondering how on earth did a retired football player get involved in freight forwarding. It’s really quite simple – let me explain. I went from moving the ball on the field to moving freight off the field -in a sense.

I launched HNM Enterprises in 2004 with a primary focus on real estate. HNM is short for Homes, Notes & Mortgages; it’s also my daughter’s initials – Hannah Nicole McGee. A perfect name!

Real estate was booming at the time and I was blessed to be involved in the revitalization of downtown Orlando. An article in the Orlando Business Journal on 40 Under 40 Award recipients opened up opportunities for me with renovation projects. It was through the renovation projects that HNM was introduced to warehousing and distribution. While working on several FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) projects I met the future HNM Global Logistics Dream Team.

The recession impacted FF&E and warehousing and I looked for other business opportunities. It was through the recession that our freight forwarding division came to fruition. Freight forwarding was the perfect long term business opportunity – freight is always moving. In 2011, our freight forwarding ‘Dream Team’ was formed. I provide the platform – they provide the expertise – a winning combination!

I am passionate about winning for you; in order to score and win, we must move the ball, as well as your freight, forward.

Pass, touchdown, score, WIN!


Tony McGee, CEO

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